History Hats and Hormones Online Class




Hosted by Elizabeth Bachner, one of the keys to an efficient birth is being able to have the right support in the room with you. Even if you want “just the two of you” at the birth, there are lots of other people who come in and out of the room. How might those people affect your birth experience? What is the role of the mother? The partner? How will interruptions affect your birth? With Covid19, how do you navigate motherhood with social distancing? How do you become fully present at your birth?

Welcome to History, Hats, and Hormones. This fun, an interactive ONLINE class is for anyone in our community, no matter where you are birthing because a “graceful” birth can happen anywhere – home, birthing center, or hospital. This unique class has been created from years of experience and extensive pre- and peri-natal psychology and trauma training. The cornerstone of GraceFull’s philosophy is the heart of this one-of-kind class.