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The past weeks and months can feel like an emotional rollercoaster as many of us adjust and respond to the impact Covid19 pandemic have had. Not being able to attend childbirth education classes in person can add a layer of worry for mamas to be seeking support during an already challenging time.

At GraceFull, helping our clients and other pregnant people feel empowered about their birthing options is more important now than EVER.

We want you to have an entire team with you as you plan your birth journey – while this is not possible physically, we made an important decision to make this a priority and a REALITY for women worldwide. Voila! Evidence-based support to help educate, inform, and prepare—all based on YOUR own unique life experiences, in the comforts of your home, a time that works for you.

From vaccinations to breastfeeding basics, all classes are available at the click of a button, 24/7 access and  handouts. Excited? Questions? Email us or call the center. We are here for you!

Childbirth Education Series

In this seven-part series, Elizabeth will help educate, inform, and prepare you for your own birth journey in a way you’ve never experienced before. 

With intuitive questions that are based on YOUR own unique life experiences.

From physiology of birthing to hormones, pushing and what exactly should in your birth plan, we’ve poured 15+ years of knowledge, filtered it through a big caring heart to bring this course to you, in the comforts of your home, to binge watch in your comfy-cozies, with your favorite beverage close by.


Breastfeeding Basics

Taught by Julie Matheney, our lactation consultant, this online class will help simplify and demystify the lactation process. Not only are you going to get practical, helpful, tips but you will also leave the video feeling a new sense of connection and trust in your breastfeeding process.

Topics covered:


Vaccinations Workshop

Attending this informative workshop with Dr. Michelle Gerber will provide you with extensive knowledge towards vaccination decisions affecting your baby’s health. Current research, theoretical issues, individual vaccines and practical scheduling recommendations will be discussed.


History, Hats & Hormones

Hosted by Elizabeth Bachner, one of the keys to an efficient birth is being able to have the right support in the room with you. Even if you want “just the two of you” at the birth, there are lots of other people who come in and out of the room. How might those people affect your birth experience? What is the role of the mother? The partner? How will interruptions affect your birth? With Covid19, how do you navigate motherhood with social distancing? How do you become fully present at your birth?

Welcome to History, Hats, and Hormones. This fun, an interactive ONLINE class is for anyone in our community, no matter where you are birthing because a “graceful” birth can happen anywhere – home, birthing center, or hospital. This unique class has been created from years of experience and extensive pre- and peri-natal psychology and trauma training. The cornerstone of GraceFull’s philosophy is the heart of this one-of-kind class.


hips and pelvis

This class will focus on proper hip and pelvic movement throughout pregnancy and birth. We will dive into detail about pelvic anatomy during pregnancy, how to ensure optimal pelvic function, and avoid common pelvic pain & discomfort during the motherhood transition.

Dr. Eileen Abrahamian, Chiropractor

  • Webster technique certified
  • ICPA pediatric chiropractor
  • QSM3 upper cervical certified
  • Rocktape certified


First Few Weeks

Welcome to “The First Few Weeks”  There’s so much going on in the world right now. It can feel overwhelming and nervous navigating motherhood in times of Covid19.  Maybe you are feeling nervous about not having physical support with you once your baby arrives.  Join our baby specialist Stephanie Blank, who is not only a mama of three, but also an LCSW and Parent Educator.  Stephanie is going to ease your fears and teach you tools  to give you the confidence to take care of your newborn.

Topics covered:

  • Normal newborn appearances
  • Newborn behaviors
  • Diaperinng
  • Bathing
  • Swaddling
  • Infant hygience
  • Soothing techniques
  • Infant attachment and bonding
  • Sleeping behaviors


Course Bundle

Purchase this bundle to take 3 online classes at a discount. Breastfeeding Basics, History Hats Hormones and First Few Weeks.


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