“Birth your Truth, Discover You. 

A GraceFull Childbirth Education Series” 

We are in a life-altering transition.

A shedding of the old,

A new birthing paradigm where every human born comes in with love, trust, and grace as their birthright.

We see the whole person, mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally.

Deserving to be seen, heard, and respected.

In this seven-part series, Elizabeth will help educate, inform, and prepare you for your own birth journey in a way you’ve never experienced before. 

With intuitive questions that are based on YOUR own unique life experiences.

From physiology of birthing to hormones, pushing and what exactly should in your birth plan, we’ve poured 15+ years of knowledge, filtered it through a big caring heart to bring this course to you, in the comforts of your home, to binge watch in your comfy-cozies, with your favorite beverage close by. 

    Get ready, we are going to help find your voice and let it roar. It’s time to BIRTH YOUR TRUTH, DISCOVER YOU.

    “This works for me; no, that doesn’t.”

    “This is whom I want in my birthing room.”

    “I can do this.”


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    What’s included in this course:

    • Created and taught by Medical Board Licensed Midwife Elizabeth Bachner
    • Instant access to 24/7 training
    • One time fee with lifetime access to the online course
    • Videos, resources and handouts (put your learnings into use for your birth journey)
    • Self paced learning

    “Your birth journey, a rite of passage, miracle,
    once in a life-time moment”

    Course Syllabus



    • The Feeling Body
    • Lemon Meditation
    • The Feeling Body
    • Outro

    MODULE 3- Anatomy & Physiology

    • Vaginal Childbirth
    • Anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Handouts
    • Hormones of Labor

    MODULE 4- Contractions & Stages of labor

    • Contractions
    • Relaxation, Rhythm, Ritual: The 3 Rs of Childbirth
    • Tips for Partners
    • Positions for Labor


    • Safety Nets
    • Breathing Techniques
    • Touch
    • Choices for Pain Relief


    • Part 1- Low Risk 
    • Part 2- High Risk 
    • C-Section
    • Epidural


    • Pushing 
    • Ring of Fire 
    • Placenta
    • Pushing Positions


    • Resources
    • Birthing Cave

    Purchase the Course!

    I took Liz’s birthing class in the summer of 2014 when my partner and I were expecting our little girl and in preparation for our natural birth at home. I cannot rave enough about how empowering this class was for me on so many levels. First, it completely demystified the birthing process in the biological sense. Liz explained to us how everything worked, what happens to the body as mom gets into labor and afterwards. I remember how she insisted on showing us how our bodies are meant to do this and everything from mom’s body to chemistry to baby are working together. Then, she planted seeds that came to full bloom during my labor and helped me have the smoothest birth. Her view on what contractions are and how they are inviting us to complete surrender and breathing, all that came back so naturally and beautifully during labor. Finally, at the time this class was in-person and there were 5 couples. We were all expecting our first child. Of these 4 other expecting moms, 3 have become some of my closest  friends. I would have never known that at the time but 3 moms from that group have been and still are a HUGE part of my life and a source of great joy as we all moved into motherhood together, breastfeeding, raising children, evolving in our romantic relationships, etc. And the icing on the cake is Liz herself. She is a gentle force of nature. I have never met anyone with the ability to hold so much loving space. She is the epitome of kindness and generosity, she will make you feel instantly at home and safe, answering any concerns or questions you might have. All she wants is for you to have your special birth. Whether it is with her or somewhere else. Liz is a wealth of knowledge about anything birth-related and she knows and can refer you to experts for everything else! Liz has brought more babies to this world that we can count! I want to close by saying that more than anything, Liz and Gracefull are connectors and bring families together, creating strong, empowered communities of parents. I know that she will continue to do that whether her classes are in-person or online. Truly, this class is a must if you are wanting to have a natural birth in hospital, birthing center, or at home. 

    —Marine Delorme—

    Elizabeth’s Child Birth Ed class was exceptional. I felt intellectually informed on what the body was capable of and what all the possibilities were for labor and child birth. My partner and I felt empowered to advocate for what kind of birth we wanted. Child Birth Ed class created a deep trust in my body’s ability to birth naturally, which we ultimately did accomplish. I recommend this course to any first time mothers, it was so comprehensive.

    – Danielle Bigby –

    “Childbirth Ed was the one class in which my husband and I attended together, so it brought us onto the same page about things, which was invaluable.  It taught us the ins and outs of what to expect, and gave us space to ask vulnerable questions.  We also met new friends that we are close to this day and who were a resource for connection once the babies were born.”

    —Michelle Crochet—

    About Elizabeth Bachner

    For more than a decade, Elizabeth has been expertly combining her medical board license as a midwife and experience as a doula with her diverse body of skills in pre- and perinatal psychology and somatic coaching to passionately educate and inspire people to understand the interweavings of the biological female body with the brain and social nervous system to both prepare for and integrate their birth experiences. With a degree in child psychology from Tufts University, Elizabeth is uniquely in tune with the full spectrum of family needs around birth and baby planning so the individual can be both seen and heard.

    She has been featured as a leading expert on TV shows including The Doctors, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and Little Women LA and is a contributor at MindBodyGreen.com. She is also celebrated for her dedication to normalizing all childbirth choices and humanizing birth by People, ET, In-Side Edition, MTV, XXL, HOLA and CBS News

    You can listen to her podcast: Big Birth Junkie” and hear the stories of how families navigate the journey from conception through childbirth and the postpartum period.

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    When does the course start and finish?

    This Childbirth Education Series is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Does lifetime access sound good? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like. 


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