Stripping or sweeping the membranes is a physically invasive intervention commonly practiced in most prenatal care settings. But don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it, I just need you to understand what it is and decide if you are interested in it.
I don’t usually get personal here, but I’ve got to share my first and second experiences with this.
First: I went in for an extra appointment without my partner because I had itchy stretch marks and needed relief (39 weeks). *** after reading what I had written I have decided not to share that first experience- why share negativity? I can make my point by going into my second experience.
Next pregnancy, 41+ weeks along. Planned out of hospital birth and I knew I had to have my baby by 42 weeks or else!!! (I would have to go to the hospital and be induced or stay home without professional support). I asked my midwife about stripping membranes, it had worked pretty well last time( I begrudgingly had my baby 20 hours later). She agreed it could help, and would be happy to do it. I brought my partner, I braced myself and breathed deeply. With my permission my midwife checked my cervix, and felt around, stretching it and getting between it and my amniotic sac. I could still see her elbow, I could breathe, it was over! I went back and had it done again a few days later and that night had my baby about 10 hours after our visit.
— Naomi Drucker CNM //@naomidruckernursemidwife