The breast is magical. Did you know breasts can lactate even if the person has never been pregnant? It is possible for same sex partners or adoptive parents to induce lactation to feed their babies, even if they did not physically carry the baby in their womb. Its possible for the breast to produce milk just through nipple and breast stimulation alone. It takes a lot of work and pumping at least every 2-3 hours around the clock with a high quality double electric pump. Many families will also add in medications and supplements that help increase milk making hormones. The Newman-Goldfarb protocol or the protocol described by Dr Jack Newman are the most commonly followed to bring on lactation. Work with an IBCLC who has experiences working with families to induce lactation if you’ve never been pregnant. There are many support groups on social media that can be helpful when looking into starting a protocol to bring on a milk supply when you are not the birthing parent.

GraceFull Lactation Consultant- Julie Matheney // @lalactation