By allowing the babies and families to teach me I have developed my own unique style of support. Through experience I have learned that when parents choose a safe and supportive environment the births were less dramatic. When the overwhelming feelings that tend to be present at such an intense moment are acknowledged, the whole room settles and relaxes- creating more space to birth with ease. The more room that is given for the parents to trust their instincts, the more oxytocin in the room. And, if the parents can be shown how to connect to the baby while he, she, or they are on the inside, then they will be able to transition into a healthy relationship and know what to do when the baby is on the outside. Each birth is unique and sometimes the birth doesn’t look remotely like what the parents have planned. Yet time and time again I witness parents find the inner strength to choose with clarity, so they are able to surrender into what is present, and feel good about their choice. To me, that is what empowerment is. For me midwifery is not a job, it is my spiritual practice. And GraceFull isn’t just a birthing center, it is an extension of my home. Elizabeth Bachner- Founder, Educator, Midwife. @bigbirthjunkie @gracefullbirth For more from Elizabeth check out @bigbirthjunkie and . Featuring amazing birth stories from around the world. Being present. Tranquility. Peace. ??// @mer_mer_meredith