The placenta often referred to as the tree of life (see placenta art online) is indeed the baby’s source of nourishment and also carries away metabolic waste products. The placenta is an organ that is grown to support a pregnancy hormonally, nutritionally and vascularly. It is expelled shortly after the baby is born and is connected to the baby by way of the umbilical cord.

The connection on the mother’s side is that it is adhered to the uterine wall. The membranes or amniotic sac is generated as part of this complex organ and protects it and the baby from the outside world. A placenta can weigh up to a few pounds (2-3) and does not have any bones, so passing it is fairly easy after the baby is born. It usually comes out within 1 hour and often closer to 15 minutes after birth.”


Gorgeous photo by // @katielacer