Though the pandemic hasn’t officially ended yet, many families are transitioning to life post lock down. For many, that means returning to the classroom – whether virtual or otherwise.

Here are 13 ways to help your kids (and the whole family) transition back to in-person or online
learning during the coronavirus.

Help Equip Your Kids for Success
While going back to school may look different for every family, there are ways to set kids up for
success. Whether it’s virtual, in-person, or a combination of the two, here’s how to prep your
children for a great school year.
* Talk to your kids about coronavirus and minimizing germs at home and in the classroom.
* Check out the CDC’s decision-making tool for families considering in-person learning.
* If masks are required, help your child acclimate to mask-wearing in advance.
* Choose safe and top-rated hand sanitizer products to send to class.
* Prepare kids for virtual learning before their first day of online classes.

Get Your Home Ready
A clean home not only feels healthier – it could keep illnesses away from your family. Start the
school year right by nixing the germs and dust bunnies.
* Break big jobs into daily cleaning tasks for less mess throughout the week.
* Schedule a deep cleaning to start the school year as germ-free as possible.
* Embrace environmentally-friendly cleaning for a healthier home.
* Develop a strategy for organizing kids’ school papers – and stick to it.

Create a Calmer Home
With multiple children who range in age from infancy to school age, your household may be at a
boiling point by the first day of school. Find ways to soothe nerves and help kids feel better
about getting back in the swing of things.
* Start a family routine so everyone knows what to expect.
* Enlist postpartum support if you’ve recently given birth.
* Assign kids age-appropriate chores so you get help and they develop skills.
* Order grocery delivery to avoid the stress of in-store shopping.

Heading back to school after what felt like an unbearably brief summer can be tough on kids
(and parents, too). Fortunately, with these tips, you can help your entire household ease into the
fall routine with less stress. Letting kids know what to expect – and creating a calmer and
cleaner home – can go a long way toward a successful school year.

Featured Guest Writer- Jenna Sherman, Parent Leaders