What the hell is a birth plan? Seriously, What the hell is it?



All the questions to ask

Introduction all the questions to ask

I'm sure your life is as busy as mine and you don't have time to read YET ANOTHER BOOK, which is why these guides are the perfect shortcut to an empowered and embodied birth. 

In the social media age, birth (as is the case for so many aspects of our lives, from mundane to profound) has become an outward-facing experience that focuses primarily on what birth looks like, rather than what it feels like from the inside out. Though birth plans have become mainstream, they so often include half-baked ideas that can result in disappointment, failed expectations, and contributions to the tragic mortality rate for BIPOC. Who has time to read long books anymore?

My “get to the point” guide and workbook prepares people to do something different. 


These seminal books serve as a foundation and a guide--a companion through pregnancy and into motherhood--to arm women with all they need to know, and more importantly, all they need to understand in order to have the most informed birth experience possible. The transformative nature of birth calls us to do more than just make a haphazard list we call a birth plan. Birth begs us to get to know ourselves a little more deeply than before, and inspires us to get even more familiar with our bodies. I am urging us to understand why we are who we are, so that we have the opportunity to give birth to a new generation with more ease than angst.

We need this.


Birth planning is not a straight line.

It’s multi-layered. Every aspect is different and important to help you find your clarity. Clarity in  birth planning,  clarity in who you are, and how you communicate to those around you, how you ask for support. This is about being seen and heard. Below are some of the layers that are involved. 

My sister had a birth plan, and well, you know, she’s really an A-type in the personality department and would organize dog hairs by shape, size, and color if she could! But I’m kinda of a “fly by the seat of my pants” kinda gal… but I’m also a researcher! I like to research everything. And when I Googled birth plan, I found a lot of information — but I still don’t understand what the hell a birth plan is. Is a birth plan like a wedding plan? I hired a doula and she said she’s my walking birth plan. I’m seriously confused…

I hired a doula and she said she’s my walking birth plan. I’m seriously confused…

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Bonus 1: Breathe, receive and listen guided meditation

Receiving healthy support can be one of the hardest places for many people, especially if you had to grow up constantly defending yourself or being in charge of your own safety.

This 12 minute meditation is designed to help you see and hear yourself. This is the first step to feeling seen, heard and supported. Listen to this meditation anytime you can use support.

BONUS 2: Care plan after a cesarean birth

When a cesarean is performed on a person’s body, many layers of tissue are separated and pulled away from each other after the initial incision, which the body perceives as a trauma. This care plan will supports both the physical and emotional bodies  ways to support the body’s innate wisdom to heal and make room for all of the different emotions you may feel.  

Bonus 3: Pushing Positions Poster

After the long journey to get here, to the place just before you expend your family and world, I hope this visual representation of all the different positions you can get into when you are ready to push inspires you to continue listening to your body.

Meet Elizabeth FOUNDER+Owner


I am originally from the East Coast where I went to Tufts University and received my undergraduate degree in Child Psychology. In May 2003, I received “The Calling” to be a midwife. While training to get my medical board license, I also gained additional therapeutic skills to support overwhelm and anxieties as a graduate of both Ray Castellino’s and Anna Chitty’s groundbreaking somatic approach to trauma resolution counseling and personal growth. I am that person who educated herself and learned that a birth outside of a hospital is different than a birth inside a hospital. I am that person who knows that not only is birth a normal, physiological process in the body; but it can also be a powerful, transformative experience. I am excited to be offering another choice for family support to the Los Angeles community.

My work has been highlighted in: PEOPLE, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, MTV, HOLA Magazine, and CBS. She has been featured on: The Doctors, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, and Little Women, among others. 


“Hi! I am currently pregnant with our first baby and due at the end of October or beginning of November…we shall see.  I am a Registered Nurse and have done a few Doula trainings.  I love all things pregnancy, fertility, Childbirth, and MotherBaby.  I have a lovely group of midwives helping with my care that have a birth center in Danbury, CT.  They also provide care at the hospital across the street from the Birth Center.  We have hired a magnificent Doula, and I feel really supported and surrounded by smart, patient, and supportive caregivers.  I have a deep need for knowledge surrounding birth and as soon as I saw your book and workbook, I knew I had to have them.  The timing seems so perfect as I am in my final months of pregnancy and really starting to think about the journey ahead in a new way…as my belly and baby grow the journey is becoming closer and clearer, like the trail map coming into focus.  Thank you for writing these books and I can’t wait to receive them, read them, share them, and use them to build up my strength and power needed for this journey.  What an amazing time!”

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