Birth your Truth, Discover You. 

Private 1-1 Birth Coaching with Elizabeth Bachner 

This is an unprecedented time we are living. There’s been weekly, if not daily, changes parennts-to-be are being asked to navigate. How do you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually get ready for labor, birth, and postpartum in this new paradigm? At GraceFull birth center, we offer books, online classes, and courses filled with evidence-based tools you can use to create your own holistic, unique birth plan.  

But we know there’s nothing like having someone there by your side, to hold your hand every step of the way. If you could rub the genie and wish for a Mary Poppins in birthing, Elizabeth would appear.  


Elizabeth Bachner, the owner of GraceFull Birthing, has over 20 years of hands-on experience supporting parents through the journey of childbirth.

Elizabeth combines her medical board licenses with her training from Ray Castellino’s Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Anna Chitty’s Trauma-Informed Somatic Training to support you in answering all your questions.

    Here are just a few reasons why clients from around the globe consult with Elizabeth: a walking encyclopedia of childbirth knowledge.

    • You have taken a childbirth education class but have not been taught about the physiology of the body and how the body is made to birth a baby
    • You want to know what a doula does and find out what support looks like to you so you can properly interview a doula individualized for you
    • You are scared about childbirth and want to talk to someone who can listen and support you in trusting the process of birth
    •  You have had a traumatic birth experience and are looking for a loving reframe
    •  You have questions for a Midwife who has a medical board license
    •  You have heard horror stories from friends about childbirth, and you want to get some clarity for yourself
    •  You need some coaching in how to speak with your family as the parent of your child
    •  You have questions about homebirth and don’t understand the difference between low-risk childbirth and high-risk childbirth
    •  You live outside of the U.S. and want to get a bit of the GraceFull touch into your birthing experienc


    Introducing a VIP high touch experience like no other, a “concierge” birth coaching service with Elizabeth

    Examples of what you might  walk away with after a session:

    • Ability to articulate your birth preferences with care providers in a way that matches your expectations and realities.
    • Clarity and awareness around how healthcare practitioners, healthcare regulations, and insurance companies treat pregnant people and how they view themselves as powerless within this system will become an empowered participant in your birth journey.
    • Get to know what support looks like for you before you ask for support. Learn to create boundaries and ask for support as the parent of your child.
    • Birth is a journey; it is a conversation with and the discovery of parenthood with emotional maturity. Learn to shift your focus away from what it looks like on the outside towards what it feels like on the inside.
    • Find out how your care provider works with interventions and differentiates between interventions being done as a matter of routine or as a necessity


    15 years ago, Elizabeth heard the call in a dream that repeated like groundhog day…

    15 years ago, Elizabeth heard the call in a dream that repeated like groundhog day…

    Babies being born into her outstretched hands, night after night, spirit speaking to her through her dreams of becoming a midwife. But it was way beyond that. It was a call to show up and heal. And help others heal. “The mother’s I witnessed taught me about strength and courage, the kind that comes from vulnerability and surrender. The babies taught me about innocence, we are all born with it. And the partners taught me about trust; how you can love someone enough to trust their choices without trying to change their minds. To say I chose midwifery would be a lie, midwifery chose me. But I honor my choice to not only listen to The Calling, but to have the courage to show up and heal my own trauma. Receiving The Calling to become a midwife is the singular greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I have learned that birthing babies is what midwifery is all about – and birthing babies is just the tip of the iceberg…




    A consultation with Elizabeth felt like a conversation with a friend. She was caring and empathetic, listened to my concerns and my story, and was very willing to help. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable in all tings related to pregnancy and birth and provided me with useful information and resources. Her guidance has left me feeling prepared, calm, and empowered for whatever this pregnancy and delivery may bring. She will forever hold a place in my heart. —Lilian Wenzel—

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I take this if I am not the one giving birth?

    YES!  Sessions are designed to be taken separately or as a couple. You are in this together.

    I’m kind of a “fly by the seat of my pants” kinda gal, but I am also a researcher? Is this for me?

    YES! Every first-time pregnant person asks a version of all sorts of questions. I help you sort through answers through different filters based on your own unique life experiences and perfectives to create the birth plan that is perfect for YOU.

    What if I am feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin?

    The perfect time to start is NOW., Especially if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed about the process.

    Will the sessions be in person?

    Sessions will be done in the comfort of your own, on zoom, or via the phone

    About Elizabeth Bachner

    For almost two decades, Elizabeth has been expertly combining her medical board license as a midwife and experience as a doula with her diverse body of skills in pre- and perinatal psychology and somatic coaching to passionately educate and inspire people to understand the interweavings of the biological female body with the brain and social nervous system to both prepare for and integrate their birth experiences. With a degree in child psychology from Tufts University, Elizabeth is uniquely in tune with the full spectrum of family needs around birth and baby planning so the individual can be both seen and heard.

    She has been featured as a leading expert on TV shows including The Doctors, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and Little Women LA and is a contributor at She is also celebrated for her dedication to normalizing all childbirth choices and humanizing birth by People, ET, In-Side Edition, MTV, XXL, HOLA and CBS News

    You can listen to her podcast: Big Birth Junkie” and hear the stories of how families navigate the journey from conception through childbirth and the postpartum period.

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